The Connect Charter School (CNS) works for students.  Why? Because we built our programs and experiences around higher standards and more interesting and involved learning.  We know that small schools know their students’ strengths and weaknesses, and have more time to care and nurture.  We know how education works and we do the work. We have learned from the best national programs and some of the most effective schools.  We CHOOSE our friends WISELY.  We are not an ordinary school.  Below we present some of the friends and affiliations that have helped us become what we are, one of the finest schools in the nation. 


• Using the mind well through clear essential goals

• Focus in depth on specific skills

• Apply goals to all students

• Personalized teaching and learning

• Emphasis on the student as worker

• A tone of trust and decency

• Student performance on real tasks (exhibitions)

• Teachers and Principals as generalists first, specialist second

• School budget in line with traditional schools

• Nondiscriminatory policies and practices

“For those who value a great education,
the great work of the CES network of educators continues in many ways and many places across the globe.” – Alec Wyeth

National conferences enhance our network of friends. Conference strands include leadership, advocacy, governance, operations, and education. These promote inquiry-driven learning models.

A history rooted in some of the finest schools in America. “Providing opportunities for educators to connect, support, and learn from one another.” We are in the process of affiliating with this network. It is small and personal. Its roots and heart are in the right place.
*this affiliation is in progress