Jeff Hawkins, Principal

January 6, 2020

Dear Connect School Community,

Thank you for your interest in our remarkable school.   We have been doing the right things for our students since the day we opened our doors in 1993.  Our goal is to build students who can handle the real world.  This is harder than it seems.  The Internet has changed everything.  Students are overexposed to information and underexposed to real-life experiences and relationships.  At The Connect Charter School, we balance traditional education (mastery of academic learning in the core subjects of math, reading, writing, science and social studies) with progressive education (a perspective that emphasizes the need to learn by doing). For example, we stress traditional reading and writing skills and apply them to real life research in our Exhibitions.  We stress science knowledge and concepts and apply them to experiments and experimental design. Our Connections class builds relationships and provides experiences that they will remember for a lifetime (Charm School, Dances, and Leadership).  This is a wonderfully exciting and inviting school.  It is remarkable in the college ready, authentically mature students we produce. 

Everyone at Connect is committed to academic growth and building interpersonal and social skills.  Incoming 6th graders will find the process to be challenging.  But, we are a small school so we get to know our students well.  We nurture them for the three years they attend Connect.  They learn how to learn, they have depth, and they are very prepared for the world. 

A mediocre education is soon forgotten; a remarkable education lasts forever.

Thank you,

        The Staff, Faculty, and Students of Connect

20th Anniversary Documentary