Excellence With A Purpose

The Connect Charter School (CCS) honors traditional education because we know that a sound foundation in reading, writing, math study skill, and work ethic are absolutely essential. 

We also honor the student-centered tradition of the whole child and all of the skills, innovations, and experiences that will prepare our students for the 21st century world. An overview of The Connect School Experience is provided by this website and by the list of experiences below:

*BLUE indicates that all students participate


  • Student Council
  • Junior Honor Society (student led)
  • Marsville
  • Connections
  • Laboratory Notebooks
  • Cleaning Olympics
  • History Day
  • Lunch at the Depot

Life Skills

  • Dance
  • Garden Project
  • Charm School
  • Scrabble League
  • STEM Competitions
  • Chess Club (all school competition)
  • City as a Campus
  • STEM Geography
  • Yoga and Step Aerobics
  • Journey North
  • Birdhouse and Feeders
  • Soapbox Derby
  • Greenhouse Collaboration


  • Library of Excellence
  • Multiage Classrooms
  • Star Dome
  • Side Notes
  • SAT Prep
  • Exhibitions
  • Science Olympiad Builds
  • Experimental Design
  • Socratic Seminar